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Discord is the messaging platform we use for our day-to-day communications.

It is by far the best way to to connect with your fellow members and to stay in the loop on upcoming meetings, events, major and minor excursion plans, etc.

Stay up to date!

Four times a year, we send out email notifications to those on our list.

Reserved for major excursions and annual general meetings, these updates are ideal for those wishing to be informed exclusively of our larger happenings.

Make it Official!

Register as a BOREAL member with LUSU!

Although not strictly required, formally registering with the club has many benefits!

  • Registered members may be appointed to club positions, including trip leaders and officers.
  • Registration significantly increases BOREAL's capacity to offer memorable excursions.
  • Registration also increases our capacity to support you with any excursions you may wish to organize.

Formal Registration Instructions

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  1. Go to this link.

  2. Click "Log in with Google"

  3. if applicable, click "Use Another Account"

  4. Enter your email

  5. Click "Next'

  6. Login with your Lakehead myEmail credentials

  7. Go to this link.

  8. Click the "Edit Profile" box under "My Profile"

  9. Fill out your contact information

  10. Under "Clubs", click the check mark to the left of BOREAL

  11. At the bottom, under Policies and Agreements, agree to LUSU's clubs policy and Lakehead's code of content.

  12. Click "Save", at the bottom fo the page.

  13. You are now registered! Thank you for supporting BOREAL!