Star Trek

Embrace the Dark Side!

...wait, wrong movie!

Travel via chartered bus to Torrance Barrens!

Gaze at the stars in a dark sky preserve!

Enjoy activities and play games in the dark!

And most importantly...Enjoy some hot chocolate in the moonlight!


per person.

Relax under the stars!

  • Beautiful view of the night sky!

  • Telescopes provided!

  • Complementary hot chocolate!

Fun in the dark!

  • Flashlight hide-and-seek

  • Glow stick scavenger hunt

  • Sparklers & Long-exposure photography

A Trip to the Torrance Barrens Nature Reserve

The oldest Designated Dark-Sky Preserve in Canada, complete with beautiful scenery!

Friday, April 1st, 2022

07:45 PM: Chartered bus departs from the Lakehead University (Orillia) bus stop.

11:00 PM: Chartered bus returns to the same bus stop (on campus) at 11:00 PM.