Club Operations

General Info


Every year, the club will host two meetings; one in September, and one in January. In these meetings, we welcome new members, vote on officers, collect feedback on our previous event(s), discuss the next major excursion, and decide where we will be going next term!


Not in residence? No problem! All current Lakehead Students are eligible to join the club! Additionally, subject to a cap, alumni, parents, and friends of club members may also participate in our excursions!*

*non-students may not become officers or minor excursion leads.

Stay up to date on upcoming meetings and events!


Major Excursions

Every year, the club's officers will directly plan two Major Excursions.

Decided upon in a club meeting the term prior, these trips are often very complex and generally take about one hundred hours to organise.

We highly recommend trying a major excursion if you have not already!

These unforgettable trips are a highlight of every term.

Minor Excursions

In addition to the Major Excursions, several Minor Excursions are offered every year.

Unlike Major Excursions, these trips are planned, organised, and led directly by you -- our members! Supported by officers, these niche trips are often highly unique!

Interested in organising your own trip? We have the resources and expertise to help!

Leading a Minor Excursions is a great way to add to your co-curricular record!

Additional Information

More information about BOREAL's operations can be found in the club's constitution (attached here)