Lakehead's Excursion Association

New friends, places, and memories!

Founded in 2021, BOREAL is a student club operating out of Lakehead University. We offer our members affordable yet unforgettable Northern Ontario experiences.

From Algonquin to Sudbury, from Lake Simcoe to Thunder Bay, and everywhere in-between; travel with us to add some excitement to your post-secondary experience!

Cost Effective, Practical, and Sustainable

Affordable Costing!

Leveraging group purchasing, we are generally able to keep our major excursions under $100 per day!

Minimal Time Commitment!

We try to schedule our major excursions during periods of lessened academic workloads. We also only have two (full) club meetings per year!

Supports Available!

We operate a subsidy program to help offset excursion prices for lower-income students!

Up Next: West Wind

An adventure to the Barren Canyon, Achray, Algonquin, and beyond!


  • Vibrant fall colours
  • Picturesque canyon
  • Scenic paddling


  • Field Activities
  • Hiking
  • Swimming


  • Stargazing
  • Tent campsite
  • Group campfire

September 30th @ 18:00 -=- October 2nd @ 16:30


per person